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Oxolloxo comes as a godsend for fashion for all the plus size women and the demand just keeps growing. Our collection varies from one of the most stylish women wear for plus size and one of our top selling items are the plus size tops designed with intricate details. Not just that our latest collection includes lowers like plus size skirts, plus size palazzos and the list goes on. In a time of growing demands, plus size fashion is here to make its mark with Oxolloxo. That’s why we believe in being love with style, being in love with fashion and most importantly being in love with your self. There was a time when fashion just means for the regular women and plus size women were either too conscious or unable to find garments their size. But all those are a thing of the past. With Oxolloxo we bring to you the most impeccable pieces and artistic designs to prove all those wrong that fashion cannot be both comfortable as well as trendy. We know fashion can’t always be serious and to create dazzling attire for you we at Oxolloxo have infused trendsetting styles along with comfort to bring to you both casual and high octane fashion. They say a woman feels most confident in a well fitted dress and that’s exactly what we bring to you. It does not matter whether it’s a casual outing with friends or a party you have to attend, let our latest collection transform you from work to play without doing a thing!

Our women plus size tops have always been a bestseller and our growing legion of customers will assure you why. Our talented team of designers certainly understands t\what fitting and style will compliment your body perfectly and enhance all the right curves you have. Giving intricate style details such as casual ruffles, trendy off shoulder as well as prints to keep you the spotlight on you, there is no end to the glam quotient Oxolloxo brings to your wardrobe.

There is no reason you should still be stalling. Sign up with us today and get offers exclusively chosen for you and to prove you that style and fun never stops with us! Choose from a vast range of exclusively designed garments which are designed to complement your body like never before. For us beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so trust us to make you look like the diva that you are. Our newest collection is just a click away and the best part is that that there are designs you can use all the year around. Dress up in one of our creations today and step out in style and new found confidence like never before. There are various different styles that our collection includes and is designed for women of all ages, no matter what the occasion calls for. Our sizes range from 2XL till 5XL and from casual wear to office wear to holiday wear. So if you are looking for something to look special with the least minimal effort, your search ends here today.

Even with various online stores offering women plus sizes nowadays, most can be expensive or be causing a dent in your pocket to look extra fancy, But not at Oxolloxo because we strive to bring you the best online shopping women clothing at an affordable price which can be delivered right to your doorstep. Gone are the days when you had to wait for a sale or go to a store and take out time. Just sign up with Oxolloxo today, sit back; relax through various options to choose from and enjoy getting the product right at your home and enjoy fashion and convenience with us that will keep you coming back for more!

Fashion Bomb!

Unless you have been living under a rock, we all know that it’s no longer just a man’s world. The variety of online clothing fashion for women just keeps expanding whether the reason is for occasion, their figure or the season they are trending to wear it in. Fashion for women is no longer just a clothing line, it’s the celebration of fashion and how a woman expresses herself and defines her. It comes as no surprise that women like to doll and glam up and look their best, but at the same time there is also a varied range of casual clothing women love for evening or everyday use. That is where Oxolloxo comes in to bring you a wide range of clothing whether it is tops, tunics, beachwear, office wear or even maternity wear. We feel every range serves its own purpose and brings its own magic to your wardrobe. Indeed it is the season or latest trend in town that defines many of the clothing range top designers unleash but how comfortable and useful a garment is also matters. It’s believed that in today’s world women are the real fashion pioneers and everything they wear becomes a trend in its own. That’s one of the reason people take women seriously and we at Oxolloxo believe in giving the best of fashion for women at a price that won’t pinch your pocket. So check out our women new arrivals collection today and pamper yourself with pieces like never before!

We have introduced an exclusive office wear with trendy shirts for women that come in various styles. Whether it’s an important day at work or a romantic date out, transition now from suave to glam effortlessly now thanks to Oxolloxo. Our new arrivals clothing collections don’t just include tops or tunics but all the latest trends to blow your mind. So whether it is a ruffle top, embroidered masterpiece or our celeb inspired exclusive range, leave it to us to take out the fashionista in you and keep the spotlight on you wherever you went. Pair one of our trendy designed tops with one your best denims or even skirt and heels to make you feel like the diva that you are. 

Scientific researchers have recently trended that a woman feels her best and sure when she wears a dress. This is one of the reasons why dresses play a very important role in women’s fashion. At Oxolloxo we strive to bring to you the best and our range consists of maxi dresses, A- Line dresses, shift dresses as well as the cold shoulder trend. Fashion for women is all about trendsetting silhouettes and no one understands that better than our talented team of designers at Oxolloxo. So what are you waiting for? Go for some elegant shopping today itself with us and get discounts and offers to make your experience even better. We have something for everyone we believe, whether it is a dress to suit your style, your pocket or whatever occasion it might be. Let Oxolloxo dress you and prepare to dazzle the world and make heads turn wherever you went!

Woman Domination Starts Today!

It’s that time of the year when you can display your feminine chic side with trendsetting online women dresses from Oxolloxo. Our uniquely designed dresses make traffic stop and glam up your fashion sense like never before. We at Oxolloxo feel proud to bring to you an exclusive women clothing designed to transition you from simple to fab effortlessly! Whether it is a casual outing with friends or a romantic date, your search ends here with a collection that will make you the showstopper no matter where you go.

We at Oxolloxo take pride in our work and bring to you exclusive collection intricately designed for all the fashionista girls out there who like long flowing dresses and pay special attention to details. Whether it is a short A-Line dress, floral tropical holiday dress or a bright colorful dress you are in a mood for, trust us to make you look elegant because we for one know what our growing legion of clients are really looking for. So go out and let your youthful side come out and don’t let your inhibitions prevent you any longer. Check out our women clothing limited collection today itself and choose from a wide range of glamorous formal as well as semi-formal dresses. Even with our fashion advisors present always to assist you, you can choose our rayon twill made dresses to give you the sharp look that demands attention wherever you step in it, or you can go for our denim dresses to give yourself that grungy look and show that style like yours can never lose its charm.

Not just that but you can pick our craftily designed tropical prints with vibrant different shades on your next holiday to look chic still. On the other hand pair our short A-Line dresses with unique accessories and heels to create a stir no matter where you go. 

So stop stalling and give a treat to your senses with a collection of online women dresses like you have never seen before at a price that won’t make a dent in your pocket. To not stop the fun there, we have exciting new season sale and offers exclusively to boost your morale. Step into the limelight with Oxolloxo as you flaunt your curves in our maxi and A-Line dresses in trendy prints. Choose from a wide style options whether its stripes, checks or bold colorful prints to suit your style. You can pair our dresses with bracelets and various othet accessories suiting to your style and transition from formal to boho within seconds. Now is the time to revamp your wardrobe with merchandise from Oxolloxo that defines your style and suits your taste.


We at Oxolloxo tend to not just one but varied customer – men, women and even kids! And we are happy to showcase a trendy, cute range of kids wear uniquely designed to be functional and easy to wear as well. We of all understand how you feel about your little angel and how you want to make them look stylish as well as comfortable. Therefore our talented team of designers has crafted an exclusive range of your child’s needs whether it’s for a party or festive or casual wear. We have it all to keep you addicted to our website and best part is you will get such attractive offers that will keep you coming back for more. At Oxolloxo we understand that price is a concern for all responsible parents who feel their little one will grow right out of their clothing and we would love that you get the best fashion for your child at a price that doesn’t pinch your pocket.

Make sure to check out our current offer on kids wear online consisting of trendy kid’s shirt, trousers as well as other cool apparels in prints to surely make your little one the Star of any event they attend.

Our Oxolloxo research tells us that the fashionista average woman is most confident of her body and herself when she wears a dress. This is one of the main reasons our dresses are one of our top selling products and we have divided them into various different styles 

whether its bodycon, shift dress, a-line dress or the trendsetting cold shoulder dress. We have even brought exciting new tops in our latest collection introducing – peplum top, sheer and embroidered lace top as well as the classic ruffled detailed top. Our jackets and blazers are a must have for every office going women to look her suave best and show not just style but power as well. So sign up today to find out current offers on online women wear dresses.

The denim style and maxi dresses are the latest addition to our exciting new range for this season’s trend. Pair them up with a shirt or a corset top and go out in style and make traffic stop!Not to be left aside, men are equally curious and into fashion nowadays as much as women. Gone are those days when fashion was defined only by women. But with the one dimensional variety available for men online these days, Oxolloxo comes as a refreshing change with uber stylish shirts and hooded jackets to not just keep you warm but even stylish whether you are heading to office or a party. Wear something that defines your personality and we assure you will never look the same again. It’s not required that men’s fashion can only be in a white shirt and a nice pair of denims. Check out our uber trendy prints and our latest collection to get latest offers online mens wear shopping.

Maternity Wear Online Shopping | Maternity Long Skirt | Maternity Cotton Dress Online

It’s just natural but just these two words “I’m pregnant” are enough to have no bounds of happiness it brings in one’s life. Being a mother is a 24/7 job, the way you look after your angel and nothing but the best does it for her. So why should you compromise for yourself? With all these responsibilities on your head, the last one is the most essential one which is what you will wear. For a mother it doesn’t matter whether it’s a party, festive wedding or a casual outing for a cup of coffee, she has to appear stylish and presentable and that isn’t possible if she wore maternity pyjamas all the time. There is nothing to worry because that’s where Oxolloxo comes in to prove it to you that maternity wear online shopping can be fashionable and comfortable as well. For us a perfect maternity wear is not just stylish or comfortable but importantly functional as well and we are one of the few brands in India who proudly display that.

It all started with Oxolloxo having a vision that we styled and dressed every women and every need they may have. And it makes just perfect sense that to the going to be mothers, we offer an exclusive range as well. Our maternity wear boasts of all the latest fashion trends designed exclusively keeping your comfort in mind. Check out our collection online today to know what we are talking about and we assure you won’t be disappointed.

Our maternity long skirt is one of our best sellers with over 1000 pieces sold and still counting! It’s available in different patterns and the list doesn’t stop there. Check out our dresses to be dazzled out of your mind and you won’t believe your eyes.

Unlike most websites we do not offer a limited number of maternity wear online you can go ahead and choose depending on what you feel like wearing and where, whether it is night or day even. If it’s a party or an extravagant affair you are looking at going, our printed dresses will make you the Star of the event everytime you chose to wear it. There are times like a baby shower your friends would have planned to surprise you, that’s where our new arrivals will play a major role in taking your glam quotient up. If it’s just a normal daily wear you are searching for then look no further, our range of Tops are simple yet classy which can be paired with a simple denim or high heels. In fact it is not just our sleepwear that our talented team of designers works on making comfortable but even basic maternity wear. At Oxolloxo we of all people know that fashion and comfort can go hand in hand and that is why we want our glowing mothers to keep glowing because if they are not comfortable they can’t be happy.

Maternity is an essential but just one phase in life and we understand one can’t just stop being fashionable and change their dressing sense entirely. So don’t do that and come splurge on Oxolloxo, one of the hottest maternity clothing website and you will find out just exactly why we are called that.

Shop Plus Size Collection | Plus Size Womens Clothing

Unless you are living under a rock, you should know that a fashion revolution is already underway with Oxolloxo unveiling its new plus size collection. If you have already checked out our brilliant plus size womens clothing of blouses and trousers then do not assume because we are not done yet. This is not the only thing we have in our stock! We know that the curvy beautiful you deserves to be pampered and that fashion isn’t meant for just one size. Our sizes range from 2XL to 5XL so there would definitely be a size that fits you. Have you ever been the one noticing from the side that plus size girl looks so stunning? Well now you don’t need to look no further because you know their secret – Oxolloxo Clothing. Our vast range of clothing will certainly make heads turn wherever you go. So sign up now and try out our plus size dresses, perfect to pair with a pair of heels or some jewelry and you are ready to rock your look!

At Oxolloxo we do not only focus on finding the right size but also something that will fit you in a way that compliments your body and enhances your body in the right places. Now no longer do you have to go around being conscious or hiding at parties thinking you do not look gorgeous. We have a growing legion of customers who take our fashion tips very seriously. Check out our plus size women clothing today itself to get exciting offers including wardrobe must haves for every women out there!

So calling out to all the beautiful stunning voluptuous women out there! Oxolloxo reveals a collection of one of the classiest plus size clothing ever seen before. Our collection consists of one of the trendiest prints of the season including florals, stripes, heart prints as well as patch embroidery. For the urban office going women out there, we have a little something especially for you as well.  Our formal wear with basic shades has been designed to give you power and confident. Check out our little black dresses for you and a number of other styles to choose from. Our maxi dresses our enjoyed by our customers not only at parties or outings but even at the beach or holiday and has been one of our bestsellers.

Its time you stopped contemplating and checked out one of the best plus size clothing online at Oxolloxo to make sure you are on top of the fashion game and in fact take your style quotient a level higher. So sign up now and find your perfect wear no matter what occasion, place you need it for.

Buy Women Office Wear Online | Online Office Wear for Women

Some people believe that the same way kids never grow out of toy, the very same way women never grow out of dressing up. Indeed our beliefs and motives may alter with time but our satisfaction of playing get pretty as women can never get over. If there is someone who tries to talk you out of it, don’t buy it. In today’s time it’s no new fact doing online shopping and if you have been in this game long enough, there is no doubt that you have learnt a pinch of affiliation for particular trends and styles. There are people who like the casual, boho, laid back look while others would like to look or feel comfortable only in something pink or more feminine. To be honest it does not matter which side you bend towards, if there is one thing that cannot be missed is the office wear look. There was a time formal look was designed only for men but those times are not the same anymore are they? Formal look has been a wardrobe essential for women as much as they are for men.

If you are one of those women who have no idea what we are talking about and even don’t have space in your wardrobe for office essentials then we advise you to wake up and do so right away. Off course you may have your doubts and not really be sure of what counts as formal wear for a women and that is where Oxolloxo comes in to make your life easier and you more stylish! Log into Oxolloxo today and find out how easy it is to shop for online officewear for women.

We at Oxolloxo are well aware that clothing depicts not only a person’s style but even their mood and personality. And at office, nothing defines power and authority than a well suited tailored formal wear. Nowadays many women are working in multinational companies, corporates or even working independently. There would be many of you women out there who are in the corportate life to make it big on their own and want to make an impression wherever they go. Chances are very likely that wherever you are in your life today is because there is a big probability that someone influenced you in life. Made you dream big, have ambitions, achieve great heights and much more. The point is that you can do the same for someone else! To have a personality, to be heard, to be looked upon is not just a natural but a lot of work. And it all comes down to very importantly how you look and what you wear. We at Oxolloxo understand that and have one of the best office wear collection for you to choose from.

Our formal shirts, trendy suave blazers as well as trousers are sure to make you appear powerful as a lion but at the same time appear the ambitious working woman that you are – a talent powerhouse! They have always said that clothing makes a man who he is. So why not a woman?  So go complete your checklist and buy women office wear online for yourself today from Oxolloxo and work will never be the same again.