Dress like a star you deserve to be with our women top SALE!

Right from the beginning we are all programmed into believing that women can only look glamorous in expensive fashion clothing. Well we grew tired of hearing that to be honest and 5 years ago with the inception of Oxolloxo changed the way urban women view fashion. When it comes to western clothing for women, we have topped the charts with our futuristic tops that are sure to style you up. There is no end to the variety that can be found and tops have always carried a unique versatile factor with them that keeps them always in demand. Browse through our trend defining collection of tops because we have a surprise for you to make your winter even more special!


If you like to do your homework before you decide to invest in buying a top, you will realize today that only at Oxolloxo you will find the best deals happening all throughout the year but strictly only for our members. We take pride in showcasing an extensive range of women tops on sale that includes styles not just for casual wear but also for those important formal meetings and romantic chic dates of yours. When you sign up with us, you are automatically entitled to the best of fashion trends that the world wears not only in India but all over.  That is why to keep this festive spirit alive, we are celebrating also with our long tops on sale like never before. So now you can shop for the top that suits you the best because our heavy discounts will make sure you can now restyle your entire wardrobe without costing you a fortune!

At Oxolloxo we give you the perfect excuse to not just look good but feel good in clothing that sets you apart from the norm. So you can go out and be an inspiration to everyone who looks at you. This winter we have a range of prints that are sure to evoke your inner fashionista and bring a refreshing breath of trends. Our chic florals have always struck the right chord with our clients but the polka fashion is a classic print that just can’t be replaced. You can even opt for abstract art to show your creative side or go for the classic stripes that will instantly give you a slimmer and much taller look. If you were waiting for the season to end or the perfect time, the perfect SALE to hit you then your time has come. Stop stalling and bring out the sexy chic diva in you with our top SALE for women that will surely bring joy to your life as much as it did to us creating them for you. 

The wait is over with a stylish new dress range from Oxolloxo!

Every woman loves to dress up and we feel there really shouldn’t be a special occasion to enjoy doing so. Now you can play all you want with a vast variety of sexy short western dresses for women and elegant a-line dresses to the ever glamorous maxi dresses for women. Your search for the perfect dress that fits you like a charm ends today at Oxolloxo. Choose from a rich collection of woven fabrics including cotton, rayon, polyester, scuba in pastel hues that you just can’t make a mistake with. 


Dresses are responsible for instantly adding a feminine touch to otherwise casual attire as well and that is why most women want to make a statement with dresses. We feel every diva out there deserves to have a dress collection that can take away her every fashion woe. It doesn’t matter if it was a formal reception, a brunch with your girls or a romantic dinner, our trendy fashion style spring dresses are a fashion must have for your wardrobe this season.

Our maxi dresses are a hit with tall women who like to flaunt their slim figure and long legs. With endless options of prints available, maxi dresses give you the style power you need. If you feel you want some drama to your fashion quotient, opt for our trendy midi dress that ends till your knees. They carry a powerful appeal in even solid bold hues and have embroidered detailing and embellishments as well. To carry our fashion legacy forward, we also have body hugging bodycon dresses that are sophisticatedly designed to flaunt your hourglass figure, like never before. If you feel you want a dress for a special occasion say an official meeting with the boss, our chic jumpsuits as well as our trendy favorite shirt dress are the rage these days. Casual and easy to wear, they come in various bold prints that command attention the moment you step in! With over 30+ years experience in the fashion industry, we give utmost attention to every style we create to make sure our clients get the best quality innovation that they deserve. That is the reason why our old dresses never last till the new season. You can now buy women dresses online pamper yourself this season with prints like floral blossom, polka fashion, abstract art, stripe magic and so much more only when you shop at Oxolloxo. Choose from fashion that the world wears, now at a price that will make you feel the investment our dresses are, not a burden on your pocket.

Set the fashion rules this season with our latest top collection!

It’s a big world of fashion out there, but even in this diversity there is an undefined respect tops have over every other clothing. There was a time in the 90s when a woman’s top instantly spelt out casual in big bold vibes but fast forward to now and tops are a sign of glamour for the modern woman. Tops have immensely evolved with changing times and mixing contemporary and modern trends they have sprung out as a new fashion favorite for all the divas today. At Oxolloxo, we give you the rare chance to not just pamper yourself with one but restyle your entire closet with a trendsetting range of fresh arrival ladies tops in styles like never before. 

Women Tops

Whether it was an office event or a casual day out, make yourself get noticed in a wide variety of prints that suit every occasion beautifully. If you are confused which style to go for or which trend to choose, just follow your heart and browse through our stylish new tops for women with all the spectacular styles that are sure to make you a fashion icon. Going out for a romantic dinner or a party, play sophisticated with our bell sleeve tops that are very lady like or experiment with some eccentric fashion that is sure to make you look beautiful still. Our crop tops are one of our bestsellers this season and pair them with a nice pair of denims and high heels to look like a rock star. There is a reason Oxolloxo is the best at what we do and our growing legion of customers prove that right. For us bringing new trends is not just about fashion but ensuring our clients get a level of quality that is promised to them. Every fashion item is sophisticatedly designed to enhance your silhouette in the right way possible. That is also one of the reasons are wrap tops are a massive hit this season. Wrap tops pamper every body type and if you want something chic but cute you can also style yourself in our lace embellished tops. The best part about our new arrivals tops for women is that they are easy to wear and can immediately jazz up your style.

There is no end to the versatile variety that Oxolloxo has with its latest fresh arrival ladies tops. Why would you stand in long lines when you can have your favorite item delivered right to your doorstep? With easy payment options like cash on delivery and online payment available, we aim to make your experience with us memorable. For some reason if you are still unhappy with what you received, no need to rush anywhere and simply put a refund request with us and we will be happy to refund you full amount. So instead of shopping the norm, invest in fashion that will make you stand apart from the crowd always!

Reveal the inner diva in you with our latest curvy fashion release!

Plus size fashion is here to stay and with all the rage surrounding it these days, we have brought a refreshing new arrival plus size clothing that just dropped this season. Leave all your fashion woes behind now and if you spend hours looking at your closet wondering you have nothing to wear, it is time to try fashion that the world wears and for a very good reason. At Oxolloxo, we believe we have a little something for everyone and we just love curves! Gone are the times when the stereotype petite image of a woman was the only divine image. Women of today have carved a niche for themselves and their fashion deserves to be equally commendable. 


So check out our trendsetting collection that is skillfully designed with unique silhouette fits to bring to you impeccable fashion at a price like never before.

For us every woman is beautiful and special in her own way, regardless of their size or ethnic background. Fashion is essential all throughout the year and our clothing icons make sure you invest your money well. It is time for you to discover the best of curvy fashion, now at just a click away. Come celebrate women with us in a way that makes this season your most fashion memorable one. Our online new arrival plus size range from a comfortable 2XL till 5XL and if you still have concerns, our fashion champions are available six days a week to assist you. Pamper yourself with a range that is not just vast but versatile to suit your every occasion perfectly. Whether it was a casual floral printed top for a boho look or a bold solid hue formal dress, choose from the style that defines your personality best. Discover with us fashion pieces that will bring a smile on your face every time you step out adorning them. We have tops, dresses, trousers, shirts and even peppy printed jackets to keep you hot on those wintery days. All this and much more when you check out our range and see for yourself. Along with our trendsetting styles, our online new arrival plus size collections also consists of basic fashion essentials for every diva that will instantly give an elegant touch to your dressing sense.

 Empower yourself with new arrival plus size clothing that not just brings to you latest trends but fuses immense comfort and great fashion in the best harmony ever. Shop at Oxolloxo for the largest variety of chic prints that you could find from ever trendy floral to classic polka to wild animal prints and so much more!

Dress to impress every time you step out dressed in Oxolloxo!

There was a time in India when people were too shy and conservative so fashion was mainly for the men to experiment. That time has slowly but surely been over shadowed with strong individual women shining with their personality and taking over to be equals or even better than men. After all, why should men have all the fun? Life is a gift and if you are embracing it wearing boring dresses then you are really not living! The time has come for you to keep your apprehensions aside and check out a trendsetting range of women clothing dresses online from Oxolloxo that are sure to revamp your style. No longer is it considered a task for dresses are one of the easiest clothing that can be worn without a hassle if you choose the right dress. Just imagine, instead of staring endlessly at your closet contemplating what to wear, you put on one garment and are practically done. Shine bright like a diamond no matter what the occasion is with Oxolloxo’s latest range of online shopping for dresses range from the playful diva midi dress to the elegant flowy maxi dress in prints that will surely leave you spoilt for choice. Whether it was the ever trendy florals or the defining abstract prints or the classic polka pattern we have a little something for everyone we believe.


Women’s dresses are a must have for every diva’s closet who believes in fashion and breathes fashion. With Oxolloxo the variety and options never end and we love to make you feel on top of the world every time you buy women dresses online. Whether it was summer or winter, choose from our chic floral printed dresses and stun everyone when you step in. If it was a formal even with your boss, our stylish bold pastel ruffle or maxi dress provide the ultimate elegance and style that you need to be noticed. That’s not all, if you had a date with your special someone you have had a crush on, stun them with our celebrity style dresses that have been known to dress you glamorously and pre-approved by your favorite star. Glitter every time you stepped out with our dresses designed to enhance your figure and give you the confidence you deserve. It does not matter what size or shape you have because for us, beauty comes in all sizes.

A nice pair of dresses is perfect to prep yourself up for the upcoming season and the festivities are just going to start. Be the heart and life of every party when you step out in a dress that effortlessly makes you chic as well as stylish at the same time. Check out Oxolloxo today to discover fashion trends that are moving the world and grab the best ongoing offers and hassle free shopping, instead of regretting later!

Sleep in style like the diva you are with Oxolloxo sleepwear!

Trends change every day but there are some basics that a stylish woman always requires. That’s why we at Oxolloxo believe fashion trends might change but fashion never sleeps.

But for the stylish chicas out there a good night’s sleep is extremely essential to keep that glow on your face everlasting. None of that would be possible if your sleepwear is not comfortable and we feel comfy sleepwear is as important as fashion when you step out for an event. So why can your nightwear not be comfy and trendy at the same time? That is why we at Oxolloxo exclusively bring for you a nightwear so uniquely woven that your fashion game while sleeping will still always be on point. We understand more than anyone that before going to sleep, we are all tired and the last thing on our mind is to look fashionable. So let us take care of that part and if you look for something comfy and loose to sleep in, our recent women nightwear online range covers that!

Shopping online with Oxolloxo automatically gives you an edge, to sit back and relax from the comfort of your couch or bed and get the best of clothing delivered right to your doorstep. Buy ladies nightwear online, designed keeping in mind not just the latest trends but also to give you immense comfort. The range is an exquisite fusion of unmatched quality and flawless designs to bring to your closet one of kind clothing. On your next girl’s night in leave your fashion woes away and let us be your personal stylist.

The variety with us refuses to cease with an assorted collection of shirt dresses, soft flowy silhouettes as well as bottoms for all age groups. So now you can choose according to your preference and needs and keep your glam diva look on even while sleeping. Signing up with us immediately gives you an added advantage of having all the best offers at your fingertips. Whether it was latest trends or new season arrivals, we make sure our members catch the best of deals all year around. According to Oxolloxo fashion should be not just high quality but even affordable to all. We usually spend all our time thinking of fashion for a meeting or even or a party but never for the most important time for our body. So buy ladies nightwear online and go to bed in style with our range and wake up refreshed like never before! Check it out today to catch exciting offers and make it yours at an unbelievable price. No point taking the entire day off to search stores physically looking for it, join Oxolloxo and revamp your sleeping style today.

Style your little one like the star they are with our limited sale!

Fashion has long been considered only for grownups to play with and it is high time that changed as more and more modern urban parents realize the youth of today is developing faster than it looks. Children nowadays are more fashion conscious than kids were back in the 90s and that is precisely why we bring to you fashion for kids, not to spoil them but to pamper and encourage their creative side. After all if their parents are fashionistas, why should they not follow in their footsteps?

As parents it is a normal reflex to always want your child not to just look the best but be comfortable as well. Children have the magical power of looking cute in whatever they wear but what are most important are the fabric quality and the fit. If either one of these two or both are not right, then the design or style nothing matters when you see your little one uncomfortable. That is exactly why checking out the kids collection at Oxolloxo will be an experience you will never forget. Gone are those days when you had to especially take an off from work or cancel plans to find the perfect clothing for your little stars. Now you can do all that at the luxury of sitting at home. Browse through a variety so trendy that you will surely make your little one love you even more this season as you choose from adorable peppy prints, bold pastel colors and stylish features which make them shine bright like a diamond. If you are searching for a specific fabric such as cotton, just go through our product details and find exactly what you want for them! We know as parents you worry whether they will like what you get or not, that is why Oxolloxo is here to take care of all your fashion woes. Whether it was a trendy girl’s dress of a boy’s picnic shirt, choose every style you like without feeling the pinch in your pocket that it cost you a fortune and they will right outgrow it. Get best offer on kids clothing online shopping with our exclusive sale and offers only for our members, strategically designed to give you the best of choices but at an affordable price. If even then you do not like what you ordered, feel free to contact our fashion advisors and we will refund the full amount to you! So choose fashion that not only styles the world over, but also clothing that will make your little one stand out from the crowd always with our online kids wear sale in India.