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Are you someone who goes out to browse through a ton of different stores in a blind hope to catch exciting deals on your favorite merchandise? Well we are here to bring a reality check and make your life a lot easier! We understand that one word that brings a bubble of joy in everyone’s heart is a SALE. In today’s time age is just a number, whether it is a college student or a working lady or a man who likes to take care of himself, everyone loves a good deal. So while we welcome the autumn season with a bang and are talking of an online shopping sale in India, why don’t you grab this moment and check out our latest online season sale.

Our end of season online clothes sale in India brings a little something for every fashionista women and men out there. It is time to revamp your closet like never before. Choose from a wide range of trendsetting printed tops, flowing silhouette enhancing dresses, stylish nightwear for all, holiday wear as well as buy clothing for men online in India. So why wait and sit pondering at your previous clothing when you can grab all the latest fashion at an unbelievable price today! Our hard working team of designers work round the clock to research and bring to you fashion that dresses the international markets as well. We have been in the fashion business for more than 30+ years now and take pride in doing what we do best.

For all our loyal legion of customers, we know how we all wait to pick out the best styles when the price is a bit more affordable. So this is your lucky day because our online sale presents to you a wide range of assorted fashion picks. Our collection not just includes summer or autumn wear but also winter wear to prep you up for the modish winter to be your favorite season this time!

Not just for the fashionable grownups, we have some fun and excitement when it also comes to shopping for kids at Oxolloxo. Our latest kids sale exclusively presents to you an assorted collection of children’s dresses, playsuits, shirts and much more suited for every occasion. We at Oxolloxo understand how much attention and care goes into bringing up a child. That is why our kid’s collection gives utmost importance to bring to you comfortable yet highest quality clothing. Forget taking out time to go locally to a store to shop or browse through several different ones to get a good price. Now you can buy girls clothing online in India at the best price with a click of a button, sitting at home!

It is that time of the year when everyone looks forward to shop something new for them so why wait? Chill, we are here to take care of all your needs and tempt you with one of the best fashion from across the world at a price that will not make a hole in your pocket. Sign up with Oxolloxo and check our latest online sale today because what we say is indulge now or regret in future!

Trendy Clothing Store for Women | Women's Online Apparel Shopping

When it comes to women, shopping is a natural born gift that most of them are perfect at. Gone are the days when shopping meant going through various stores, planning, and spending half or most of your day doing so. Shopping is something one is supposed to joy and we at Oxolloxo believe in doing exactly that. At Oxolloxo we believe in not just changing fashion but changing lifestyle as well. That is why our carefully handpicked designs are based on international trendy clothing store and our variety is endless. There is no need for you to concentrate on just ethnic clothes anymore and if you are a modern woman than let us make sure we dress you up like one making sure you felt comfortable as well.

If you are someone who is hesitant to step out or has issues finding her size, your search ends right here right now. For us at Oxolloxo believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That is why our plus size collection and maternity wear is one of our biggest best sellers since our inception and for a very good reason. Nowhere else will you find such a vast creatively unique collection for the big beautiful you comprising of trendsetting prints and styles to compliment your silhouette.

Whether it was a casual brunch with friends or a date night with you special someone, we got you covered. Our dresses consist of numerous silhouettes because why should boys have all the fun. Choose from a-line, skater, midi, maxi or embellished dress and leave your mark. Our styles are sure to make you an instant showstopper and if you dress to impress than Oxolloxo is your one-stop shop. We have everything you could possibly dream of from different styles of tops to dresses to formal wear and even nightwear. Perfect your look with our trendy bottom wear or make a power statement with our formal shirt uniquely designed to transform you from day to night non-schalantly. 

The shopping experience at physical stores has always been a problem with their long payment lines, unnecessary attention, dealing with traffic and crowd and surely it’s not an experience one would cherish. That is why the online revolution is here with Oxolloxo and we are even available if you download our app. Just a few clicks from your iOS or Android smartphone and voila you are ready! Check out our trendy online clothing store in India today and wear the fashion that dresses the world.

Trendy Menswear | Men’s online apparel shopping

The myth is broken and it is nothing new that when it comes to shopping, men get equally excited as women. With online shopping redefined, Oxolloxo has changed the way people look at men's fashion apparels clothing. In case you are living under a rock, you would know even men have a vast variety of styles, prints and fashion apparel that could change the way they play their fashion game. Make an impression at work your boss never forgets, woo everyone with your impeccable taste at your next casual outing or even better – stun your special someone with fashion that the world wears.

Oxolloxo is the one-stop destination if you are looking for exclusive fashion without feeling the pinch in your pocket. With our talented team of designers crafting designs weaved from the best quality fabric you are bound to like what you look at. Further on top, we have seasonal offers and exciting discounts exclusively for our members only.

It is true; the clothes you wear mostly define who you are as a person. That is why we at Oxolloxo pay so much attention to bring to you the best of fashion infusing comfort & style in the best possible manner. Check out our men collection today and let yourself get spoilt by choice. Our collection ranges from shirts in trendsetting prints ranging from the forever in floral motifs, statement-making abstract prints as well as tropical prints to perfect your look on your next holiday. Not just that, our collection boasts of a vast variety of stylish sleepwear for men that make sure even if you sleep, fashion never sleeps!

So oh yes we have thought of you at every stage. Whether it was a casual brunch, a party celebration or a formal event, we cater to every requirement you may have. We have filters to refine your search and help you spend less time searching what you really want. Buy men's printed shirts online shopping that has been one of our top sellers this season and you will realize why our growing legion of loyal customers keeps growing. If you have any doubt or query, our fashion advisors are here to take care of you at every step. Stop stalling and become a member of a fashion revolution today itself and let Oxolloxo revamp your closet in a manner that defines how you should be – an elegant stylish man whose fashion speaks for himself.

Best Dresses for Women | Women's Online Apparel Shopping

Fashion is for everyone and we at Oxolloxo believe we have a little something for everyone. However, there are women online shopping apparels that remain a classic and can never run out of time! One search style is the Dresses, which can be worn for any occasion, whatever time or place it might be. For the choosy you, we have different necklines, style, length of the dress or material to be sure you did find the style that defines you best.

Our women dresses online clothes are not just limited to one fabric but a vast variety from cotton, polyester, crepe, rayon to georgette, chiffon, denim, lace and the list is endless. The prints our design team choose our intricately researched upon and our trend defining not just by Indian standards but even international ones. Whether it is a craving for florals, some polka magic or some stripes to make you look longer, trust Oxolloxo to satisfy all your needs. We take pride in our vast variety that caters to women dresses not just for one type but all! So whether you were beautiful curvy and big, petite and small or glowing to be a mother soon, we have something for all of you. Check out our latest women online shopping apparels today and you will understand why our growing legion of customers keeps growing.

Offcourse the right dress we feel oozes femininity as well as elegance, at the same time it should be comfortable for you to be able to wear it for every occasion. That is why our talented team of designers keeps in mind and designs infusing comfort as well as fashion whether it was a dinner with your girl gang, a party with your romantic someone. Just be ready to be showered with compliments and be the center of attention. Do not worry about whether what you see is “in trend” or not because we at Oxolloxo only keep pieces, which are trendy that season and never, repeat a style, even when it is a best seller or on popular demand. We strive to bring you better pieces that are more fashionable and never repeat ourselves.

When you walk into a room, our dress is designed to make you an instant stunner. Be ready to become the center of attention and our fashion must-haves will surely redefine your style.

Go from gal to glam with just one simple task, checking out our latest collection today! Dresses have always been known to enhance all the right contours of your body. Well certainly, the right dress does and our fashion advisors are there to make sure you pick what is right for you.  So why the delay? Throw your hesitation out the window and try what every fashion diva is out there trying these days but not sharing her secret with you. Check out Oxolloxo today.

Glam your closet with our Freedom sale Fashion!

Let us be very honest to each other here, how many times have you stared at your closet for hours and said to yourself that you have nothing to wear? Not surprising because if you go through the recent London Fashion Alerts polls, it stated nearly 96% of women face this situation. 

Well not to worry because all this has a very simple answer to it. Check out Oxolloxo online freedom sale fashion clothes sale in India!

Those are ancient time when for a shopping spree one had to make plans days before, take out time, get dressed, look at a billion shops before deciding to buy one garment. It’s the 21st century and why do all that when you could do the same sitting in your pyjamas in your bed at the click of a button. We also understand too many chefs can kill the food, that is why we are the best at what we do. So to make it simpler for you, just go to and you will realize why we are the fastest growing online fashion brand. Sit back, realize and go through endless different trends and get style points from our fashion advisors without moving a muscle. To refine your search we have made things simpler where you can choose from occasion, style as well as colour that you are looking for. With our fast 3 to 5 days home delivery guaranteed, shopping has never been easier.

We at Oxolloxo feel your wardrobe needs to be a style closet of everything. Whether it was bold printed tops, trendsetting dresses that enhance your silhouette or bottom wear in various mind boggling styles – Oxolloxo has it all. Check out our latest freedom sale fashion to make you be ready this season not to just look chic but elegant as well. Whether it was a palazzo to perfect your casual look, a solid trouser to complete your formal look or a stunning dress to dazzle your romantic date, we assure you shopping with Oxolloxo will never leave you half hearted. At Oxolloxo we also realize how brands over charge with exhorbant prices when there is a demand. Such is not the case with Oxolloxo with our online shopping sale in India exclusively for our members going on round the clock. Sign up with us today to be alerted to fashion headlines without feeling a pinch in your pocket.

So what are you waiting for? Change the game and score some extra fashion points when you stunned everyone this freedom sale with Oxolloxo’s latest collection. Check it out today and you will never be disappointed looking at your closet again.

New Fashion You

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard of plus size fashion as well as Oxolloxo. For quite some time now we have been taking the world by storm and offering the finest to the world. Not just different styles but everything Oxolloxo has to offer is backed by our expertise and experience in this respective field. If you check out our online plus size collection, we can boast of more than 200 styles from the very latest trends. Our talented team of designers works along with the tailors to bring to you to trends from the fashion runaways and prints to blow your mind away. Yes in today’s time there are many who are creating plus size fashion but very few can boast of a ready to wear collection like ours. With such service you will not miss a single occasion ever especially with a dispatch promise of within 24 hours!

With one of the finest technology and futuristic trends in mind, we bring to you our latest online plus size collection. So sign up now and download the Oxolloxo App to shop with comfort from wherever you are and experience convenience as never before.

“Wear the world” is a motto we live and breathe and take very seriously. For years we have been bringing fashion from all over the world to India. We were clear with our concept and what our customers need. Gone are those days when to shop or find something you were exactly looking for would take you hours and insane trips to a store. You can even be sitting in your pyjama in your bed and let our refined filters take you to exactly what you need.

Designed uniquely to give you exactly what you are searching for, log in today to understand why our growing legion of customers keeps growing. Our goal is to bring to our customers latest trends and unmatched quality at a price that you can never find. For all the conscious or unsure women out there our Fashion advisers are available around the clock to help you out with whatever you might need. And all this at a very affordable price unlike most high fashion products cost.

Download our App today and wherever you are, you will get updates in your pocket about our latest additions and our high fashion collections which we update every month to make sure you get the latest trends, season after season! The online fashion market is growing faster than human population and our strength to understand what our customer demands and to bring that excellent quality with top fashion trendsetters is what sets us apart and always will!


Gone are those days when plus size fashion was a stigma and a rare sight in leading fashion stores. As times have changed so has demand and with growing number of plus size customers more and more top designers are creating fashion for the beautiful plus size women. For a long time the majority of clothing and variety you would have found only in normal fashion wear and plus size was usually hidden in a corner in the store or with a variety not even worth checking out. The only body shape that was found for the plus size women was big, loose silhouette’s which were not only appalling but even tasteless for those who understand fashion and don’t settle for anything but the best. But that’s not the case today as more and more brands try to expand their client circle by introducing plus size fashion. But are they all worth it? For a brand like Oxolloxo that has been in this business since people did not even know there was fashion for plus size women, we take pride in displaying and bringing our customers some of the best womens plus size tops online which otherwise would cost you a fortune even if you did end up finding.

For plus size women who are already conscious of her body, nothing gives her more confidence that a good fit garment which is not just high on fashion but even comfortable. We at Oxolloxo understand that better than anyone that’s why even though there would be 

many stores displaying fashion for the plus size woman, you will find no one takes it as seriously as oxolloxo.

Like most fashion divas, you know your style and all is required is a brand that understands your need and caters to it without causing a dent in your pocket with the price. But the process of selecting and shopping is itself overwhelming. We agree there is not much variety for you physically, but online it is a completely different story. If you check out our latest collection, the options are so varied that the only difficulty you may have is trying to choose what you love the most! Not just dresses but our womens plus size tops online whether it is bell sleeve, off shoulder or frill sleeves are trendsetters from the start. If you still find it complicated don’t worry Oxolloxo is here to make your work easier for you. Use our refined filters and our fashion advisors available around the clock. Our young talented team of fashion designers works round the clock to bring you the latest trends in prints like never seen before. Whether it is bright florals, contrasting polka or Aztec print or even stripes to make you thin and longer – we have it all!

There is a conservative notion in our society since forever that the “normal woman” usually lies in the size 0 to 6 mostly. But the truth is far from it as most women are never that size really. You would believe that more when you saw the Women Plus Size Tops online with us. Mix and match with hem a nice pair of denim or heels to give you instant fashion points and turn you into an instant showstopper. So stop stalling and dress stylishly with us and shopping with us will never be a task because when you are having a good time you can never hide it!